Teacher Training

Teacher Training


Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training - Level 1- 25 hours

with Juliana Secches


Focusing on the anatomy and physiology of the female body during pregnancy, you will explore how the changes that affect the body and mind during this time need to be incorporated into an essential exercise routine to avoid injury, stress and exhaustion.

Beyond modifying Asanas, the goal of this course is to provide the tools to intelligently adapt anything (from a walk to the grocery store to a challenging inversion) to fit the needs of the pregnant student.  We will focus on understanding the female pelvis and core, the deep changes they go through, and how these changes affect the body as a whole.

We will also discuss childbirth and how we can help women have a birth experience that is free of trauma and suffering. It is a fundamental part of the Yoga practice to be present in the moment. Helping women achieve this during pregnancy, labor and delivery can be both immensely challenging and overwhelmingly gratifying.

LEVEL I – 25 hours
This training will explore ways to help the pregnant woman work with her body to maintain optimal posture and a healthy lifestyle. It will also explore how to allow the body to naturally promote a healthier and easier labor and delivery.

What you will learn:

              What specific areas need to be strengthened and stretched.

              How to effectively teach exercises that will help prepare for birth.

              How to keep the body in its best shape for a rapid recovery from birth.

              How to modify postures and adapt sequences to better suit the needs of the pregnant body.

              How to deal with a variety of special needs and why they happen.

              Opportunity to observe/assist Prenatal Yoga classes


Schedule: TBA



Juliana Secches, RYT, Exercise Physiologist, Childbirth Educator, Doula, and Pre/Post Natal expert, created this very informative workshop to share her experience.  She developed a true fascination for understanding the movements of the human body from very early in her life. Pregnancy and childbirth were just topics she grew up discussing with her father, who’s an OB/GYN and apprenticed her into a lot of the work she does today.  Juliana is also a new mom to baby Bruno.